Family Day Nature Fun in Snow or Sun

Whether it’s a snowy or sunny forecast (or maybe both), getting outside to share the beauty of nature is a perfect way to spend time with the family this Alberta Family Day!   At Kamp Kiwanis we are always looking for ways to get outside and share the outdoor experience with families.  Here are two activities for any age that you can try while out on a nature walk or even in your own backyard or local natural space.

Scavination List


Outdoor School Concepts:

Environmental Literacy, Environmental Awareness, Outdoor Recreation

What You Need:


Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? Find a natural space where there may be lots to discover.  If you have little ones, a backyard, park or short walk is perfect.  With older children you can do the activity as part of a longer hike or if you stop for a snack or lunch break. Use your scavination list to find as many items as you can.  You can use the template provide or create your own to cater to your group or the natural area you are using.  Be sure to set boundaries so that participants stay safe and don’t get lost.  Remind participants that growing plants and living creatures should be observed only and left where they are. They can just be checked off the list once shown. Be sure to return any non-living natural items if you decide to collect them.

Extra Ideas:

  • Form teams or have every person for themselves to make it a fun competition and have some prizes

  • Have your group/family create their own list of items to find

  • Print the list, and laminate it. Keep it in your pack and use it when you visit new places!

Kids having fun snow painting

Snow Painting

Outdoor School Concepts:

Environmental Awareness and Outdoor Recreation

What You Need:

  • Snow

  • Water

  • Food Colouring

  • Various clean plastic bottles (e.g. spray bottles, condiment bottles, plastic squirt-top water bottles, empty soap bottles — make sure all are well washed out so they don’t have any contaminates)


Snow painting is an easy and inexpensive, creative activity you can do with the whole family.  Little ones can experiment with spraying and squirting different colours.  Older children can make drawings or murals and experiment with mixing colours.   Prepare your paints by filling up plastic bottles with water and adding food colouring.  You will need to make the colours dark enough to show up in the snow.  You can test them on the snow and then add more food colouring if needed. 

Extra Ideas:

  • Make picture frames out of sticks, lay them on top of the snow and paint inside the frame.

  • Make game boards for hopscotch or life-size checkers

  • Make a snowman and paint it

  • Fill up some plastic containers with water and food colouring and use brushes, plastic syringes or eye droppers to paint

  • If it’s too cold out, bring the fun inside by collecting trays of snow