Facility Rental Overview

Kamp Kiwanis has several lodges that can be rented for use by community groups. All our lodges are heated, with indoor plumbing and electricity. Lodges include sleeping areas, dining areas, breakout rooms and kitchens (except for Nestor Lodge, although it does have a coffee counter area).

All bunk rooms contain wooden bunk beds with vinyl mattresses, wooden ladders, and railings on the top bunks. Guests will need to bring bedding and a pillow. We recommend a sleeping bag as the most convenient bedding option.

Bathroom facilities include private showers. All showers are individual and have curtains or doors separating them from other washroom areas. Guests must bring their own towels and all toiletries.

Kamp Kiwanis is located on the edge of the foothills west of Calgary. As a result, our weather, while similar to Calgary, is slightly different. The temperature is usually within a couple degrees of Calgary weather, but snow tends to remain on our ground throughout the winter season. In addition, we tend to have our spring blossom a few weeks after Calgary.

Due to the popularity of programs at Kamp Kiwanis, there are often other groups on site at the same time, but each group has their own facilities and program.

Main field at Kamp Kiwanis Calgary

More Information

Catering services are available and are provided by Monet Catering, owned by Matt Prosser. Matt is able to accommodate a variety of allergies and food restrictions including vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, and nut-free diets. All groups requesting food be provided must ensure that arrangements have been made.

There are many activities available at Kamp Kiwanis. Groups enjoy using our games court (and stocked games shed), volleyball nets, main field area, and of course our private forest area (140 acres that borders on the elbow river). All groups are welcome to use these areas, but please keep in mind that other groups on site will also be using these areas. In addition to the common activities, there are also staff led activities available (additional charge). All groups requesting staff led activities must make prior arrangements while booking their trip, as not all staff led activities are available at all times.

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