School Program Overview

Kamp Kiwanis is a special place for children. We offer various programs spanning all grades throughout the course of the school year. All of our programs focus on sharing the outdoor experience with students. We pride ourselves on providing magical learning experiences that are carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of each specific school. We offer both overnight and day programs. Listed below are the different programs that we offer.

Group of students jumping in excitement

More Information

Kamp Kiwanis is located on the edge of the foothills west of Calgary. As a result, our weather, while similar to Calgary, is slightly different. The temperature is usually within a couple degrees of Calgary weather, but snow tends to remain on our ground throughout the winter season. In addition we tend to have our spring blossom a few weeks after Calgary.

The facilities at Kamp Kiwanis are heated, have potable running water, and electricity.

Due to the popularity of programs at Kamp Kiwanis, there are often other groups on-site at the same time, but each group has their own facilities and program.