Day Trip Adventures Overview

A Day Trip Adventure at Kamp Kiwanis is an outdoor learning experience for students in grades K - 12. The experience is designed for a single day. Programs run from September - November & March - June.

In the Day Trip Adventures Program we strive for our activities to increase students capacity in the areas of environmental literacy, awareness and action. We offer a variety of outdoor activities designed to reach each of these goals. Kamp Kiwanis also offers a variety of outdoor recreation activities. When scheduling your Day Trip Adventure Program you can choose from a selection of activities to design a program that best matches your curriculum and the needs of your students. The following categories are intended to be a starting place for the discussion about the types of activities that can be offered as a part of your Day Trip Adventure experience.

Environmental Literacy - Head

Environmental Literacy

Activities found in this category are designed to create an understanding and appreciation of processes and players in the natural world. Environmental Literacy activities focus on investigation, biodiversity, and environmental concepts.

Environmental Awareness - Heart

Environmental Awareness

Activities found in this category are designed to inspire students' awareness of the natural world, and encourage them to forge lasting relationships with the environment. Environmental Awareness activities focus on observation, exploration, and nature immersion.

Environmental Action - Hands

Environmental Action

Activities found in this category are designed to promote sustainable choices and actions that allow students to apply their knowledge at school and in their communities. Environmental choices are also highlighted during the week through programs such as recycling and food waste skits.

Outdoor Recreation - Tree

Outdoor Recreation

Activities found in this category are designed to get students outdoors with fun, active, and engaging activities. Outdoor Recreation activities often stress team building and leadership skill development.



Outdoor School at Kamp Kiwanis is based upon a simple premise:

Provide a curriculum-based, engaging, outdoor learning experience that meets the needs of students, parents, and teachers.


  • Increase capacity in the areas of Environmental Literacy, Awareness, and Action.
  • Provide a total learning experience specific to each individual school/classroom that spans the breadth of Alberta Learning's Program of Studies.
  • Provide experiential and inquiry-based curriculum studies in science, physical education, social studies, art, and language arts.

Students creating their own river during riverbed constructors

How to book

Day Trip Adventures at Kamp Kiwanis are very popular and as a result it is recommended to contact us as soon as your school is interested in a Day Trip Adventure for the best chance of securing your preferred date.

For further information and to book a Day Trip Adventure please contact Josh Mulla (Kamp Director) via email - or by phone - 403-242-9255.

We can't wait to start crafting the perfect learning experience for you and your school!