Summer Camp Overview

Kamp Kiwanis is a special place for children. Every year over 350 children and youth attend a magical, fun filled overnight camping experience in a positive, nurturing, and active outdoor environment. This experience is offered by the Kiwanis Club of Calgary Kamp Kiwanis who since 1951, through several major fundraising initiatives, have offered this experience at 100% subsidy for every 9-12 year old who attends Kamp Kiwanis. We gratefully recognize our many donors - who generously give funds every year to ensure that all children can attend camp at no cost to the campers and their families.



Kamp Kiwanis is a bit different compared to most summer camps. Most summer camps have a first come, first served approach to registering their campers. Since Kamp Kiwanis aims to provide a summer camp experience for children who would otherwise have no opportunity to attend a summer camp, our registration process is based upon a nomination system. The majority of nominations come from teachers, but anyone can nominate a deserving child.

Once the forms are collected, a selection committee comprised of Kiwanis Club Members and Kamp Kiwanis Staff will sort through all the nomination forms and select the campers who are most in need of a summer camp experience. Once the campers are selected, a health and permission package will be sent to selected campers in early June. 

Unfortunately, there are only a certain amount of spots available and sometimes it is necessary to create a wait list for campers. Often spots become available up to and including the first day of the session.

nomination forms for summer 2019 are now available. Completed forms were due may 15, 2019. you may still send in a form for our waitlist FOR THE FOLLOWING CAMPS:

intermediate camp - for students finishing grade 5

Outdoor Skills I - for students finishing grade 7

Outdoor Skills II - for students finishing grade 8

6 symbols of Kamp Kiwanis - wildlife, community, friendship, outdoor environment, safety, and being active


  • We want kids to have fun

  • We want kids to be safe - physically and emotionally

  • We want kids to learn to respect other people

  • We want kids to be active

  • We want kids to develop relationships with the natural world

  • We want kids to have full bellies

  • We want kids to learn how to take care of themselves

  • We want kids to learn how to develop a healthy self esteem

  • We want kids to be inspired to be the best they can be

6 Symbols

The 6 symbols of Kamp Kiwanis represent common themes interwoven through all of our activities.

  • Environment

  • Safety

  • Being Active

  • Wildlife

  • Community

  • Friendship


By Cindy Low, 1999

As I lie awake in my bunk at night
I dream of a day gone by
My body is tired and my skin is burnt
And I smell like a big campfire
And I can’t wait until tomorrow
When we’ll sing and laugh and play

‘Cause I love
Here at Kamp Kiwanis with my friends
(Here at Kamp Kiwanis)
Here at Kamp Kiwanis with my friends
Tomorrow we will sleep under the stars
Down by the Elbow River
We’ll cook our breakfast on an open fire
And remember the beauty forever
And I can’t wait to hike in the forest
There’s fresh air and clean smells


When the sun comes up, I’ll be out the door
To start my day with a fresh morning swim
Then it’s off to crafts to create again
See some friends and share some laughter
And I can’t wait to play an all-Kamp game
Where we’ll run, and laugh and play


Now here we are at the big campfire
Singing songs and making fun
Together we will learn to grow and live
And take care of each other
And I can’t wait to tell my friends back home
Of the joy I found today


Jumping for joy.jpg