KITES Overview

The Kounsellor in Training for Excellence (KITES) program at Kamp Kiwanis provides a summer camp leadership experience for youth finishing grades 10-12. The camp session lasts for 13 days and focuses on communication and interpersonal skills.

Participants in the KITES program will experience a variety of skill sessions in working with children, where they will learn about activity leadership skills. Participants will experience placements with cabin groups and contribute to community service initiatives. They will learn about campfire program skills and be involved in a variety of personal and group development sessions.

KITES participants also have opportunities to organize and lead program activities for campers aged 10-12 years old. By being involved in the regular programming at Kamp Kiwanis, participants will learn all about the Mission, Objectives, and 6 Symbols of Kamp Kiwanis (found on the Summer Kamp Main Page). This experience provides a well rounded foundation for working with children in the outdoors. Participants successfully completing this program are top candidates for future employment at Kamp Kiwanis.

There is a fee for service and open registration for this program, but subsidies of up to 100% are available where ability to pay is a barrier to participation.

A counsellor in training inspecting clean cabins

How to attend

Kamp Kiwanis leadership program registrations are also nomination based. Just like the main program anyone can nominate a youth for a leadership program, however, the main criteria is different for our leadership programs. When the selection committee goes through the leadership program nomination forms they are looking closely at the candidates leadership potential.

Once the forms are collected, a selection committee comprised of Kiwanis Club Members and Kamp Kiwanis Staff will sort through all the nomination forms and select the participants with the greatest leadership potential. Once the participants are selected, a health and permission package will be sent to selected participants in early June.

Unfortunately, there are only a certain amount of spots available and sometimes it is necessary to create a wait list for participants. Often spots become available up to and including the first day of the session.

The KITES 2019 program has finished for this year. Nomination forms for Summer 2020 will be available in April 2020.